Nuke Lens Distortion in Blender 2.90

Dealing with lens distortion between Blender and Nuke (and Natron, Fusion, etc) just got a lot easier with Blender 2.90! We now have a Nuke lens distortion model you can use!

It’s already there in the Alpha builds of Blender 2.90, check out my quick video below. Download the build HERE and give it a try! Try and break it and report a bug if you do.

A few weeks ago, I was trying to figure out some correlation between the standard Polynomial lens distortion model in Blender and how to make that work in Nuke. I thought maybe there was some kind of simple equation that would make the numbers line up. When I asked Sergey about it, he just went ahead and created the new distortion model. Spectacular!

Thanks Sergey!


  1. Hi Sean, quick question, what is the workflow when an overscan render is required? Just render overscanned footage and comp inside nuke using the Lens Distortion node?

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