Nuke Lens Distortion in Blender 2.90

Dealing with lens distortion between Blender and Nuke (and Natron, Fusion, etc) just got a lot easier with Blender 2.90! We now have a Nuke lens distortion model you can use!

It’s already there in the Alpha builds of Blender 2.90, check out my quick video below. Download the build HERE and give it a try! Try and break it and report a bug if you do.

A few weeks ago, I was trying to figure out some correlation between the standard Polynomial lens distortion model in Blender and how to make that work in Nuke. I thought maybe there was some kind of simple equation that would make the numbers line up. When I asked Sergey about it, he just went ahead and created the new distortion model. Spectacular!

Thanks Sergey!

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