Hard Surface Texture Painting in Blender

Earlier this year after I did those hard surface modeling and painting timelapses, I got many requests to do an actual tutorial on the process. So even though there’s plenty out there already about texture painting in Blender, I went ahead and did it. There’s a short overview video and then three longer videos going into much more detail.

Tons of other people have done tutorials on the same topic, most probably better than my own, but that’s okay, maybe someone can get something out of seeing my process. I’m also sharing the canister model for you to download, which you’ll find below, and I’ll be offering all of the hard surface models I’ve created this summer for free download in the very next blog post!

So load up your own hard surface model or download some of the ones I’m sharing and let’s get painting! There’s also a few decals I created that you can download. Some of them are OpenVisualFX tags, so you know, a little self-promotion, I guess. But I encourage you to make your own!

Assets required:

Tutorial 1 – Quickstart video, if you just want the very basics

Tutorial 2 – Setting up the metal shaders and the basic paint shader

Tutorial 3 – Texture painting, showing how to setup the shader correctly and paint a complex shader in realtime

Tutorial 4 – Adding stencils and decals


  1. This was very help full .
    If you dont mind ,How do i do this to a image texture, to and some reallism to my logo.

    1. Glad you liked it! Hmm, well, hard to really comment about adding some realism to your logo. If your logo is a complex shape, look into creating a model from that shape, and then you can begin exploring texturing painting it.

  2. Sir, I finally understand how all of this can be done. One of the nicest (or the best) tutorials on this topic. Thanks a lot for this!

  3. I had to do a little digging to find that HDR image, but I found it, 🙂
    It was not in the folder with the project, found it on gumroad.
    Excellent tut thanks.

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