STmap Lens Distort workflow

I realize after the last few posts I made, this whole process might be a bit confusing, so I wanted to consolidate it all into one video. This is a short demo of the complete workflow to get your lens distortion out of Blender using STmaps, beginning to end.

I also made some improvements to the STmap Export node, making it much simpler to use (Although the original is still necessary if you’ve changed your default Scene name). We’re also going to use the overscan add-on for rendering the CG elements that we’ll be distorting to match our plate footage.

Grab the assets below and follow along! You’ll also find the STmap node and the base images on the Free Tools page.

If you’d still enjoy making your own node group, please check out the previous posts!

Assets required:


  1. Hi there! Do you know if it’s actually possible to use an ST map when compositing in Blender? i.e. to do the bit you’re doing in Natron?

    1. I thought there was a way, but now that I’m researching and trying to find anything about it, I can’t seem to find it. So maybe not? I really thought there was, though.

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