GeoTracker by Keentools

Keentools, the creators of FaceBuilder, have recently released the beta version of GeoTracker, their automatic geometry tracking tool. It’s a really amazing tool, and to see it ported to Blender is just incredible! I couldn’t be happier about this. I’ve used both FaceBuilder and GeoTracker at my workplace for many years.

GeoTracker analyses the footage, tracking where every pixel is going from frame to frame (well, I’m like 95% sure this is how it’s working, I don’t actually know for sure). This then allows you to very easily pin geometry to the footage, using that pixel information to move the geometry in the correct way to get a great track.

I’ve created a couple of short tutorials – The first one goes over head tracking, which in my experience has been the most useful aspect of it. Of course, you can use it to track anything, like props, cell phones, cars, planes, even body parts like arms and legs (as long as there’s not too much wrinkled clothing over them).

The second tutorial demonstrates a camera track. Yep, GeoTracker can do matchmoving!

Don’t forget to download the actor’s head model and the video footage from the links below!

Of course, no tool is ever perfect, but wow, this one sure saves TONS of time! And like their previous tool, FaceBuilder, I realize this is NOT a free tool. But it is a very substantial VFX tool, and since I utilize Blender in my everyday VFX work, I feel it’s totally worth it for me to share and demo GeoTracker.

However, if you are not interested at all in spending money on tools that are worth it, I’ve still got you covered! I did a series a while back about doing object and face tracking by hand. Check it out HERE.

You can grab the add-on from KeenTools website, which also has installation instructions. It’s in open beta as I am posting this, which means it is free right now, so please go grab it and give it a try! It will only be a free tool while it’s in beta testing, so jump in and please give the developers feedback.

It’s worth following KeenTools on twitter for the latest info on when it will officially be released.

Actor – Tim Delano – IMDb

Assets required:

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