Hard Surface Texture Painting Extra – Peeling Paint

I’ve seen this effect so much in Substance Painter and figured out a way to achieve the same thing in Blender. Paint peeling from the edges of worn away areas that you can paint in real-time. It adds an extra touch of detail and realism for your really worn, beat-up objects!

This is essentially a Part 5 to my Hard Surface Texture Painting series I put out a few years ago, which is still getting really good views and feedback.

It’s really easy to setup, and very versatile. In this demo I show some pretty strong bubbling, crackling paint, but TIP you can also use it for much more subtle effects, like a paint edge that’s just lifting up a little bit, or paint that changes color a bit once it begins peeling up. It’s mostly controlled in a Color Ramp node that goes into our Bump node. Simply adjust the grey level and the span on the white levels, along with the bump strength, and you should be able to get any kind of edge peeling you want!

    You can see the original Hard Surface Texture Painting series HERE or on my YouTube channel HERE. You can download the model at the link in that original blog post, and you can grab some other free hard surface models HERE.


    1. Thank you for this tutorial series. This is such a big heads up for those “Blender-only” people (like me) who want to use Blender for everything because let’s not deny it : Blender CAN do everything, there are just some features that are not as polished as dedicated tools like Substance Painter but this series shows that one can achieve just about the same results with Blender.

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