Facebuilder by KeenTools

Facebuilder is a great tool for quickly modeling faces and heads based of specific people or actors. It’s very fast and simple, and all you need are a few pictures of the face or head you want to model.

You can grab it from KeenTools website, which also has installation instructions. Make sure you grab the Blender version, and I recommend exploring a bit around the KeenTools website to read a bit more about it and see some examples.

It will only be a free tool while it’s in beta testing, so jump in and give it a shot now, and please give the developer feedback if you do. I’m not sure how long the beta will be free, and I’m not sure how much it will cost once it’s done being developed.

You can also follow KeenTools on twitter and be on top of all the latest info and releases.

Actor – Tim Delano

Assets required:


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