Christmas Donation Tutorial Winners!


Wow, I can’t thank you all enough! Lots of people donated, which was a wonderful surprise, since it was the first OpenVisualFX contest and I wasn’t sure how good the turnout would be. You all really came through, and thank you so much for that! The Maryvale Christmas party was great, and we got everything we needed just in time!

Which brings us to the winners of the contest. I wrote every name on a slip of paper and folded them all the exact same way. I then put all the names into a Christmas gift bag. To be completely fair and unbiased, I had my wife chose the names from the bag. She picked out 4 names, the 2 winners and 2 alternates, in case either of the winners wanted to pass on claiming the prize.


The winners are:
Jonathan Lampel
Antonio Buch

Congratulations to Jonathan and Antonio! I’ve contacted both of them and we are currently discussing what kind of tutorials they’d like to see that I am able to demonstrate professionally. I think the things we have been talking about are going to be really useful to many artists! Some of their ideas are things I’ve heard people asking about on forums and websites for a long time, so it will be great to tackle these topics!

Stay tuned! And to everyone who donated, thank you again and again. It really made a huge difference!


  1. Thank you donors. Sean please take care of your health, since your “Cloth Tearing” tutor I am hearing sound from your stuffy nose.

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