Christmas Donation Tutorial Contest!


Hi everyone! The holiday season is here, and regardless of what you celebrate, we can probably all agree it’s a wonderful time to spend with friends and family. Every year at this time, a few friends and I volunteer at a local Los Angeles girls orphanage to throw a Christmas party for the girls there who either don’t have families or won’t be able to be with them during the holidays. For most of these girls, it’s the highlight of their year.


During the party, Santa comes and delivers each girl 3 small gifts that they’ve asked for. It’s up to us to provide these gifts, which of course costs a little bit of money. Fundraising is always happening, but it’s often slow to raise the money. Then I thought of a fun way to use my skills to open up donations to the amazing open source software community!

If you go to the Maryvale Angels website and make a donation of $10 or more, then message me, I’ll put your name into a raffle. Once the donation period is over, I’ll put all the names into a bowl and my wife will select 2 of them randomly and blindly. I will then work with those 2 winners to create tutorials (or short tutorial courses) based on whatever visual effects topic they would like to learn about! (Well, as long as it’s something I know how to do well enough to teach!)

UPDATE: If a tutorial request isn’t your thing, I would be happy to review your portfolio or demo reel in detail instead. I’ve had some requests for this, so I thought I would officially make it an option if you’d prefer this instead of a tutorial.

So that’s it! Pretty easy, right? $10 isn’t very much, and it makes such a huge difference to these girls! So if you can, please donate, and then send me a message on my Contact Me page letting me know that you donated. It’s very important to send me a message and let me know you donated! You can read in much more detail about what we do over at the website, and even read stories from some of the girls themselves.

You must donate before FRIDAY, DECEMBER 15 to be entered into the tutorial raffle!

I hope you’ve all got some good ideas for what kind of visual effects tutorials you’d like to see! And thank you so much for donating!

Once again, to enter:

  • Go to the Maryvale Angels donate page RIGHT HERE
  • Make a donation of $10 or more
  • Do this BEFORE Friday, December 15!
  • Send me a message on my Contact Me page letting me know you’ve donated
  • That’s it! You’re entered!



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