Hard Surface Modeling & Painting Timelapses

I’ve always wanted to be able to make awesome hard surface things. I’ve done some things over the years, naturally, and some of them have even turned up in movies, but I never did that really cool, super detailed and complex stuff you see the Blender community making with HardOps, Boxcutter, etc.

I finally decided to take a couple weeks, crack down, watch some courses, and really learn it. I also grabbed hundreds of reference pictures from the internet of other artist’s hard surface things. I figured if I try and copy a bunch of that stuff, and just kind of go my own direction while working on it, it would be great practice and really fun.

I was having so much fun I turned on screen recording for a bit and made some timelapse videos. If you like that kind of thing, they’re posted below.

Oh, also, if you’re interested at all in what courses I watched, here they are. I get no money from recommending these, just sharing because they are great courses and I learned tons!

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