Facebuilder update & release

Keentools Facebuilder for Blender is out of beta testing and is officially released! It’s had some updates, and Keentools has even posted a 50% code that’s good until March 5, 2020.

Facebuilder is now able to recreate a head and face model even if your actor is talking and acting. Of course, having neutral expression photos to work from is always best, but in VFX, it’s pretty rare to get perfect photos of actors you may want to model a face from. Usually we only get the shot we’re working on. Now Facebuilder can give you a neutral model from images or video where the actor does NOT have a neutral expression.

Open mouth, closed mouth, squinting or eyes wide open, smiling or sad, it doesn’t matter!

I know I’m supposed to focus on tools that are only free and open source, but this tool has been incredibly useful at work the last few years, and I’m really, really excited to see it in Blender, so I can’t help but share.

Click HERE to head to their purchase page, and be sure to use the 50% discount coupon FB2020 (valid until March 5, 2020).

You can read all the details on their release page HERE, including links, license details, demo downloads, and everything else you may need.

Below is short video showing you how the new features work. They also added image rotation, in case your photos come in rotated! You can watch my first Facebuilder tutorial HERE.

Actor – Tim Delano

Assets required:

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