BlenderGuru Podcast


In a pleasant turn of events, it just so happens that both Ton Roosendaal and Andrew Price are here in Los Angeles for a few weeks, both working on different business-related things. With Colin Levy now a local resident, we all couldn’t resist getting together at a local Taiwanese restaurant for a fun evening.


Andrew, Colin, Ton, and me

Hanging with Andrew reminded me that back in 2013, I did a podcast interview with him for his site, BlenderGuru. I thought I’d repost it here, in case anyone was interested in listening to me yap away for a couple hours. Yeah, it’s slightly over 2 hours long. You’ve been warned. 😉

In it, I talk with Andrew about working in Hollywood VFX studios, all the trouble Rhythm & Hues was going through back in 2013, Blender (of course!), and various other related things.

Check it out below or on BlenderGuru HERE.

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